ZUK Mobile is shutting down, all new devices will be named Lenovo Moto

ZUK Mobile is shutting down


  • ZUK is an online-only brand launched by Lenovo in 2015
  • So far, five smartphones have launched under this brand
  • Analyst Pan Jiutang claims that Lenovo is shutting down ZUK

Web user named old cool posted that Lenovo would not be launching the ZUK Z3, to which the analyst replied that the entire ZUK vertical will be shut down in a few weeks.

At the beginning of last year, Lenovo announced that it would phase out the Moto brand to introduce a new “Moto by Lenovo” brand, under the Lenovo umbrella after having troubles turning a profit. And then added ZUK as well. ZUK will reportedly shut down its operations in just 23 months of its existence. It has so far launched only five devices in the market. The first one was ZUK Z1 and the last one was ZUKE Edge, announced for Christmas 2016.

Even if any of the above-listed scenarios are true, the ZUI skin will presumably still stay, as Lenovo’s vice president Allex Chen Yu recently confirm the upcoming Moto Smartphones will feature ZUK’s ZUI skin.