Xiaomi Is Breaking 11/11 Sales Records Awesomely!

Xiaomi Is Breaking 11/11 Sales Records Awesomely!

As of now, Xiaomi has yet again succeeded to score the top smartphone seller spot. And, that too on the Chinese Singles Day or as you may generally term it as 11/11. This happened within 24 hours, and the company progressed products, which are of worth about CNY 2.46 billion.
Now, that is around $370 million if you check in dollars. What’s more, Xiaomi is on top slot of this triumph for the fifth year in a row. The company is very strongly beating all of its previous records as well. Now, we really are thinking about the other competitors too, as they don’t stand the chance to outdo it here.
When we checked the records from 2014, we saw that the company sold CNY 1.56 billion worth of products, and that was just the start. However, for this year, that number was exceeded in less than 11 hours only. And, this is what we call successful execution of planning!
If you look at it completely, you will see that it’s not only phones, the company’s expanded network consist of TVs and Internet of Things, and gadgets as well. And, maximum of these items are hot sellers, and an all-time favorite of people.
We also saw that, Lei Jun, also shared a triumphant post around IDC’s testimony. This report indicates that Xiaomi is the leader, and is on top of all the smartphone brands in India alone. And this is for the third quarter of this year stats, which also displays the market share of 23.5% as well. If you look back with us, like only a year ago, you will see, that Xiaomi was second with just 10.7% share in the market.
Xiaomi, keep doing your best, as we see your huge fan following. Are you also a Xiaomi fan? Any of its gadgets that you might be using?