WFA’s website Displays The Original Samsung Galaxy J7 running With Nougat Again!

Galaxy J7

This year, around June, we saw the first-gen Samsung Galaxy J7 with Android Nougat on panel. It was spotted on the website of Wi-Fi Alliance for starters. Though, a couple of months have elapsed, and the update is still not on the roll-out.

Nowadays, the mobile is again on the display of the organization’s website. It comes with the listing details, where it’s revealing Android 7.0 this time too.

It’s well-definedthat Android 7.0 for the mobile is being tested and verified. Nevertheless, what’s not transparent, is precisely when the update will be strapped-out. Procuring Wi-Fi certification doesn’t inevitablysuggestthat the roll out is about to happen. But, it does specify that the update is in pipeline in any case.