Verizon Is Officially Supporting Essential PH-1


As soon as Essential accommodated an AMA on Reddit where clienteles and enthusiasts enquired their most entrancing queries about the smartphone start-up, Andy Rubin verified that the Essential PH-1 is now formally well-suited with Verizon’s grid. He tweeted this on his Twitter account, and fans have gone really excited with this news. Rubin also mentions that you may perhaps have to boot up the phone before it can take a Verizon SIM, and that was previously expected.
We wouldn’t have known it if Andy Rubin hadn’t tweeted out the succeeding on Friday late afternoon – Just imagine the height of secrecy here! Besides, on this Thursday, Andy Rubin responded to a query in Essential’s Reddit AMA around the Verizon compatibility, and that was done by stating that the corporation had been in progression of obtaining certification for the PH-1 on Verizon’s network in the US for now. And, as per his confirmation, “It could come as soon as tomorrow!”
So are you excited about this news? Switching to Verizon might make your decision easy – isn’t it?