Under $800 drop-down Of Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy Note8

Drop-down of price is usually never a welcome sign for the companies, but the customers well sure love it. Isn’t it? But the weekly news of the excitement is revolving around the dual-SIM variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. And, it has received one more price cut in the US region as of now.
The last we overheard was that eBay seller NEVER-MSRP was proposing the unlocked, Exynos-power-driven prototype for $819.99 in state of the original pricing. However, a quick look at the listing dis discloses that the tag has fallen further to $799.99, as of now again.
As much as, the color options are involved, just the gold, gray, and pink variants are offered – black and blue are listed as unavailable. Though, do remember that the phone is limited to working only with GSM networks, as it’s the international prototype.
Regardless of all that, it’s still worth stating that Samsung isn’t formally vending the dual-SIM Galaxy Note8 in the US at present, but it’s been on trade via eBay for a moderate while now. So, are you looking forward to make good use of this deal?