Trouble With LTE-enabled Apple Watch Series 3


Looks like we have an embedded SIMs (eSIM) in near-future. But, no doubts that has a long way to still stand-out. As, recently, a lot of EE subscribers are stating that their Apple Watch Series 3 are causing them a lot of trouble. Sort of, every report states that the watch is failing to link to the network. This appears to be an EE concern to be more precise. As, it’s pretty-hard for Apple mess-up with anything for certain. The company supposedly wasn’t able to have a smooth launch as well, with the eSIMs.

Consumers are in general challenged with quite a few errors. These include, “activation failure” and “this account is not set to use with Apple Watch” too. If you’re facing problems activating your LTE-supported Series 3 watch, you can dial 150 for support – EE has accomplished staff to help you out. Though, do take remember that it takes up-to 2 hours for the LTE connection to start-up. Therefore, if you get “activation failure” notice or any another such error, don’t panic, and just call EE’s support, and you will have assistance immediately.

So what do you think, will mobile carriers be turning out to eSIM in near future? Will this be a grand experience for all of us?