The VP of Marketing for Essential’s has left the corporation


We are sure something is cooking in the company, but we are not exactly sure what they might be up to. Though we’re not suggesting there might be a bit bad on over at Essential, but things point to a different direction. Let’s start from the spot where we sensed something was off. The Essential Phone or PH-1 as you may call it was publicized on May 30, with a delivery date assured with in a months’ time. To some magnitude, we’re two weeks late on the time limit and the phone’s nowhere to be spotted.

As per the reports from Business Insider, and what’s rising more queries now is the information that the corporation’s VP of marketing, Brian Wallace, has departed the company. And, if you must know he’s not the initial one also. Andy Touché, Head of Communications was the first important person to leave the company.

Unquestionably, it’s not the first time people switch professions, and we may be looking for a hitch where there isn’t any. The $300 million in the company bank should also mean Essential isn’t certainly careworn. It would surely help although, for presences’ sake, if the PH-1 turns shipping and availability soon.