The New Nokia flagship to land on July 31


A few have called it 8, whereas others 9, but conferring to this up-to-the-minute news, the long belated new-Nokia flagship will be baptized Nokia 8 and it’s supposedly coming on July 31. The news originates from an unidentified Scandinavian vendor that also reveals the cost at €589.

It is the similar model that’s been nipping up all over the place – the TA-1004 collected FCC authorization and displayed up on AnTuTu after visiting Geekbench in 4GB and 8GB fit altitudes.In a good way, the secretive Scandinavian vendor declares only 4GB of RAM will be offered, in any case at first, and storage will be around 64GB.

Nevertheless, the marketing team may have diverse philosophies for the naming of the shades at launch of the phone. But, report suggests, that at least four colors would be open at promotion – blue, steel, gold-blue and gold-copper.

Overall agreement on the specs has developed on the Snapdragon 835 for chipset. Though, this is not a surprise at all as it’s the go-to choice for a high-end SoC this year. We have learned that a 5.3-inch QHD display, and a duos of 13MP rear cameras. More or less proof on these facts came from a hypothetical real-life Nokia 8 component, although a cloaked one, all the same, it went by 9 at the phase.

There’s just some over 2 weeks pending July 31, so we will have everything for a fact before long, and in front of us.