Snapdragon 410 Is The Most Common Mobile Chipset!

Snapdragon 410 Is The Most Common Mobile Chipset!

DeviceAtlas, the web traffic analyst has compiled a far-reaching report on the smartphone usage and applications in Q2 2017. And, here Snapdragon 410 chipset is the popular choice so far. It’s also the head of A7 and A9 duos by Apple too. The survey was widely based on RAM, Dual SIM and release date and year of the popularity score board allover.
The android realm has Qualcomm chips as its core. The advanced markets of UK, US, Japan and Europe have the leader as the San Diego Company. But, on the other hand, Egypt, India, Colombia, which fall in developing markets, have the MediaTek chips as the double-digit usage. Whereas, China vendors are more popular in Nigeria with more than 35% appraisal.

This is also the case with GPU distribution in the same report. Higher number of PowerVR units are available in the developed countries and their markets. In fact, Apple on all of its IPhone uses the most of the GPU. Whereas, 25% to 40% share of Mali GPUs are available in Poland, Russia, and South Africa respectively.
The RAM trend displayed an interesting statics for this report. Though, we do see a lot of 8GB RAM phones, though markets in Colombia, Russia, Brazil, Nigeria, Egypt, and Argentina still go with devices having 500 MB memory.
An interesting statistic is the RAM trend in most of the markets. Although we already have more than a dozen 8GB RAM phones in the market, devices with just 500 MB memory are still widely used in Colombia, Nigeria, Russia, Brazil, Egypt and Argentina. In the same report DeviceAtlas also studies the dual SIM usage in most of the phones. However, around 2/3 of the phones in India, Pakistan and most of the East-Asia support the dual SIM functionality. Whereas, the market of US only uses 4.1% of the feature.

In this report we also saw that 2015 had the most dominant approach, and 2012 devices are still popular than those of 2017 in the market. However, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7+ are the most used and demanded phones in the Android category.
That said, we think we need massive technology improvements to pique public interest, which will be non-existent otherwise.