Skagen Jorn Hybrid Smartwatch Review


Thought Of The View

We are sure that smartwatches still matter to a lot of people out there, thus when we got the hybrid smartwatch on our review. We do admit that we are a bit skeptical, as it’s a quite watch with a few neat trickeries. So, do you still buy a smartwatch? Is there any hope for the extremely jam-packed wearable market for hybrid smart watches?

The Open Discussion

The hybrid collection of smartwatches isn’t something fresh, but it has been fostering more inspirations as ofnow. However establishment like Fossil and all of the properties below its umbrella have redeployed into constructing Android Wear versions of their current watch lines.The trend is growing of analog watches that solelycarry features like notifications, vibration indicator, and fitness trailing to the synthesis. The hybrid watch Skagen Jorn is one of these series.


The smartwatch domain has gone too far too fast. Do you still remember when the LG G Watch initially came out as the introductory Android Wear watch? At the same time, the Samsung Gear Live undertook to add stylishness to Wear 1.0. However, the LG G Watch was perhaps the finest forerunner of the smartwatches essence. Many came and went by without much of a second-look by public. Nevertheless, the result was a completely touchscreen experience that was decoded from the smartphone into a wearable, and with that originated all the inventive prospects and all of the possible drawbacks.

Another Screen

The point stays, as the smartwatch is simply another screen to lodge at your attention. Originally, a watch was made to just tell us time only, but with smartwatches on-the-go the opportunities and options are limitless. With time, smartwatches got big, better, and thicker. These smartwatches gave people the skill to read an entire messages, see notifications, with the swiping and dialing option too. We are not complaining that this height of excellence is bad, but it’s actually the same amount of time spent on the phone that a watch takes now.


Equipped with a slim yet smooth body, this smartwatch comes with a light leather band. The watch gives a nice variety of stylishness. It is off-the-cuff enough to wear with any normal clothing, but just elegant adequately to fit in with a button-up or even a suit. The hybrid smartwatch has an analog surface that is modest and doesn’t overpower with too much info. And, yes, it is not a touchscreen.

The story Of Skagen Jorn

Consequently, the Skagen Jorn tells you the time, along with a small number of information when pushing one of three buttons on the sideways. All of these buttons are programmable for a number of different purposes. The catalogue is a bit wide-ranging.You can do music and volume control, camera shutter switchset via Bluetooth, date display, screening a secondary time zone, as well as showing step count.

Interesting Arm Movements

The Skagen Jorn is equipped with interesting features, and they start whilescreening different fragments of info. On the upper left of the watch is apart that shows 0-100, which is the proportion of one’s daily step objectives. This is programmable in the Skagen Connected app, and once the button is pushed, both watch arms come together to 0 and change to your step-goalratio for the day. In the role for the actual step calculating, the Jorn is slightly too liberal with its tallies but still gets the job completed.

Just consider the cool feature of that linked to a watch that is mainly all screen and all apps? Less concealed and thus less equable, for certain. It’s positively an interesting feature of the Jorn with analog timepiece doing much more. Similar to the James Bond spy watches, this movement of the arms is indeed cool and hasn’t gotten ancient.

Smart Feel On Hands

Additional functions consist of pointing at the different dates from 1 to 31 all-over the watch. The crux of the smartwatch experience is its notifications. Just like any other hybrid smartwatches, notifications are programmed in the companion app to a definite ration of the watch. Alas! Here the Skagen Jorn falls quickly. In this case, it is to one of four unusual colors on the left side of the face of the watch. As soon as the programme notification approaches in on the phone, the watch vibrates and then the binary arms point to the analogous color. It takes a small portion of the memory on the user’s role, but doesn’t take much to get user-friendly either.

Slight Drawbacks

The major problem in this notification method is the feeble vibration feedback. As the Jorn is a thin bodied watch, the vibration motors are also slimmer and thus aren’t very commanding. It look as if Skagen knew this would be the situation as they didn’t add an alarm function on the watch. Consequently, alarms and notifications are fundamentally hopeless here.

Battery Life


HA! As here you can just forget about the battery life. In fact, you mainly can, as the Jorn and former hybrid smartwatches use coin batteries that can last for months in a go. The battery life is not drained much here because of the notifications feature only. You can easily transfer to the full touchscreen experience of a hybrid smartwatch.


Though, the Skagen Jorn is a very stylish and up-to-beat watch of the year, but it would do much to increase and amplify its features further.To beat competitors with more spontaneous technology add-up it could do well for the company and smartwatch fans too!