Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality Headset Discloses In Leaks!


Yet again, Samsung is all-set to hop into the Windows Mixed Reality’s (WMR) galaxy as of now. Which, we agree, is remarkable. The Korean corporation is occupied these days with work on a WMR headset. However, it will be fully prepared to compete in the market with its other rivals. We can’t wait to start testing with others, such as Asus’ plus Lenovo’s WMR’s. If you were not aware before, then brace yourself now as both of these are already being used by public.

But, for now, we are only focused on the new Samsung WMR headset. It’s heard to come-up with AKG-branding and built-in headphones too. In addition to this, another one leak-picture displays it simultaneously with Microsoft’s motion controllers also.
Thus, we can let our thoughts run hither and thither, but this product could get exposed at Microsoft’s flare-up happening on October 3, 2017. Which, wouldn’t be a surprise either, as we were already entailing it.
While, this event is all about the impending future of the WMR podium, so it’s also a best shot to reach your audiences, Samsung we like it. Alas, no other particulars around Samsung’s WMR headset have been leaked or said by the company. Thus, for now you will have to just relish with the pictures only, we don’t know how much it will charge as of now. But, yes we know that hopefully that will be publicized in a little while by the company.