Samsung To Challenge Sony With 1,000 fps Camera!


Those of you, who didn’t know, it was Sony, who initially got to build a cell phone camera by the on-chip memory means. It is termed as the Motion Eye camera on the Xperia XZ Premium and XZs, and also on XZ1 series. These days, the gossip from Korea is exciting the crowd with a new rumor.  This rumor is based on Samsung Semiconductors, which is supposedly looking to build an identical camera like Sony. They are ready to show it in November, and further to use it in the upcoming Galaxy S phone series too.

The technology of on-chip memory is very good, and the plus point is that your camera can easily store many frames quickly. It is sufficient to shoot 1,000fps or so for slow-motion video recordings too. However, if you are looking to stream those videos to the main RAM, then it will be extremely slow. For this reason Sony built a grand three-layer chip. This 3-layer chip includes the pixels, control logic and memory for the camera to stand still in any condition.

However, if we go with rumors, then Samsung’s design is supposedly to some extent changed. The company has worked with a traditional two-layer chip. Which is boded with a DRAM chip. Seemingly, Samsung did this to avoid intruding on evident copyrights of Sony, which again is good approach to stay safe.

Even though Samsung’s strategy is not as classy as Sony’s, the company has a lead, and that is again a plus point. Because with having in-house factories, it can easily produce both, the image sensors and memory chips without any external interference. Whereas, Sony has to depend on Micron for the 1 gigabit memory chip production.

At present, Samsung exercises a combination of Samsung and Sony-prepared sensors on its receivers. For instance, Korean Galaxy S8 headsets arise with a Samsung image sensor, but the US prototypes have a Sony sensor in them. The S9 might use all-Samsung sensors if this news is true, and we are already very excited to try the new camera for our testing’s! Let us know what you think about this news, and is it a good step from Samsung to try its hands in something new?