Samsung Galaxy Note 7R gets one more approval before release

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R gets one more approval before release

The refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7R is clearly entering into the market, but if you wish to buy the one piece, you have to wait and pray for the good fortune since the new technology has yet to be released worldwide by the South Korean company

There are two places where you will definitely get the Galaxy Note 7R, China and South Korea, but other than these two countries, there is a huge list where you can get this opportunity as well. Unluckily, the name of these countries is not mentioned and it’s a top secret.

The best and the good news is that the refurbished version of the last year’s flagship Smartphone is very close to being introduced in the market we’ve mentioned already. This Galaxy Note 7R, which is also known by model number Samsung SM-N935F, has been recently spotted at the Bluetooth SIG. The Bluetooth SIG is the regulatory entity that approves those devices that are compliant with the Bluetooth standard.

The original model of the Samsung Galaxy packed a 3,500 mAh battery inside, but the Galaxy Note 7R comes with even a smaller battery of 3200mAh. The phablet is expected to come in multiple color variations like Black, White, Silver, and Coral Blue.

We have yet to know and learn the Galaxy Note 7R’s full specification list, so there’s no confirmation about the amount of memory of the phone and what chipset Samsung will use pack inside the Smartphone. It will take some time to get to know about all the specifications, so be patient J