Samsung Copyrights Galaxy J3 Star And Galaxy J7 With “Stars”

Samsung Copyrights Galaxy J3 Star And Galaxy J7 With “Stars”

Recently, just a few days back, Samsung has categorized its Galaxy smartphones in three main sets, which obviously was already there. But, of course, officially nothing as such was in place. Now, the S series is going to be the supers-star flagship gadgets. Whereas the A is offered as the high-midrange mobile, and the J series is classified as the lower-midrange mobile.

Rendering to the US Patent and Trademark Bureau, the third lineage is almost ready to grow. The reason is that the Korean company has trademarked the Galaxy J3 Star and Galaxy J7 Star in the lower-midrange mobile set.

The “Star” accumulation will link with all the other sub-series like NXT, Pro, Max, Prime, and Ace. As we already know that stars shine only in the sky and that too at night, so we know there is going to be a big catch. Our sources have confirmed us to expect the J3 Star and J7 Star to sit rather higher than their vanilla J-succession equals. However, both of these phones are yet to be declared. So, what do you think, will the new phones will meet the Stellar star series goals?