Rear Panels Show An Extra Large Hole For The Flash


The XZs was Sony’s temporary weigh up, but the Xperia XZ1 is the actual next-gen variant of the company. It is going to be smaller than the XZ Premium.  It will have a 5.2” screen, and will reveal the Snapdragon 835 chipset. It is expected to come along with an awesome camera and square design.

As per recent reports, and pictures the rear panel of the XZ1 is revealed. It is metallic, and will be evidently waterproof too. This is something we do anticipate from the Xperia front-runners.

But then again, when we saw the pics, the main question came-out as why an extra-large flash hole? It’s larger than the one already on the XZ Premium though. Maybe the Xperia XZ1 will partake hold extra-bonus focus features. The Premium series even now have the Laser AF and RGBC-IR sensor, and these don’t take that much of space. So why this big a hole is a natural thought to rise.

According to leaks, the camera will have a 19MP sensor with 4K video proficiencies, and the selfie cam is going to be of 12MP. The selfie cam will also do 4K videos without much stress. Our anticipation is that this new series will also have the impressive 960fps slow-motion video mode on-sow too!

At IFA the veil will be lifted-off, and the Xperia XZ1, XZ1 Compact and X1 should start sales by September 10 at least. The expected price of the XZ1 could be of $860 in the US market, whereas €720 for the European side is speculated. Android O could also be offered at launch, hence fingers crossed for now!