Pre-orders And Prices For South Korea Region Are Out For Samsung Galaxy S9

Pre-orders And Prices For South Kore Region Are Out For Samsung Galaxy S9

With the start of New Year, Samsung has already declared the official launch date for the Galaxy S9 duo, and we are too excited about this news. This is not far, which we thought the company may do. According to official sites of the company, February 25 is going to be launching date.

And, if we look at rumors, we did see some press images shortly. Most of these are suggesting that the new phones will essentially be identical to the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ series of the last year. We all know by now that Samsung labels its merchandises additionally costly at the local division, thus the Galaxy S9 will be expected to be around $800, whereas the Galaxy S9+ will barely exceed the $900 block on the international sector.

Sadly, the latest evidence from South Korea discloses that not only looks, but costs are also going to be similar to the S8 and S8+ series. If we look back, then the Galaxy S8 did cost about KRW935, 000.00, which is around $875.00. This was the price around the initial launch period. If these rumors are true, then the Galaxy S9 will cost KRW950, 000, whereas the S9+ will be around KRW990, 000 in the country.

Despite everything said above, the pre-ordering for the S9 and S9+ will start in March within the South Korea region. So far, the date is set for March 2, which is just five days after the official unveiling in Barcelona by Samsung. The mobiles will be transported six days later, on March 8, with market accessibility predictable in the next few day days of shipment.

The official wait-age is way smaller than the previous year according to our sources. However, the unveiling was suspended with a month and pre-orders acquired two-to-three weeks till the Galaxy S8 ultimately begun coming around the mid-April or so. But, this time the 2018’s early arrival is also a stride forward of rivals like Huawei and LG by Samsung. Here, LG, HTC, and Huawei have decided to skip their flagships unveiling to reasons best known to them.

So, will you buy the new flagships of Samsung? Which is your preferred model?