New Text-based Status Updates In WhatsApp


There is a new Status update feature in WhatsApp now. This is something new added, to let users to just display text-based updates for their friends and family. This is as an alternative of posting a photo or video as your status. Thus, you can now just type text or insert a URL and let the others know what you are up to. All Users will be able to customize the color of their posts, from the font and the background all-together. Such as through regular Status stories, you can select who can see the text status and similarly see who has seen your message update.

Did you know WhatsApp Status was initially a feature where users only had text based status posts that would be visible next to their names in the contacts list?Once Facebook got hold of the Snapchat Story, they decided in adding the story-post to everything. Hence, you see the humble WhatsApp Status feature upgrading, along with having Instagram or rather Snapchat style-stories. Now, you can say the feature has come to a full-circle, and letting users to share text yet again like they used to but in a fresh manner.

Here, again, you can select who can see the text status as well as, also see who has seen your messages. Let us know if you are excited about this new feature?