New Pictures Surface Showing Redmi Note 5

New Pictures Surface Showing Redmi Note 5

The time is about to show how Redmi Note 5 is going to create hype within next 2 says. But, before that happens, a new picture has been making rounds and spiking interest. This picture is computer-generated and claims to be the upcoming model.

It shows us the Redmi Note 5 features with a dual camera functionality. There is also a fingerprint scanner, and an 18:9 screen on top. The scanner is situated at the back of the phone and we see some quite-slim-trim bezels along the screen. Though our hopes are quite up about the bezels being quite thick, let us see that in the next two days on the official deal.

We also have some high speculations on the Redmi Note 5 to have a Snapdragon 636 with being a Pro version. However, our sources have confirmed that Snapdragon 626 Redmi Note 5 will be launching in India on 14th February 2018. So, if you’re planning some Valentine day gift, the Redmi Note 5 is the perfect way for a start.

Coming back to rumors, we have also heard that the Redmi Note 5 is a sole device and is going to be the last month China-released Redmi 5 Plus.

If we agree we the rumor of the circulating picture then they both are two very different mobiles. The upcoming Redmi 5 is going to come with a dual-back camera system and a Snapdragon 626 for starters. Whereas, the Redmi 5 Plus arrived with a single back camera arrangement and a Snapdragon 625 last month.

But, that will be confirmed on February 14. If India is going to see a dual camera within the new mobile then most probably it will be a 16MP and 5MP sensors. Plus, the front camera is listed to be an 8MP entity according to rumors.

Most probably, it is going to be a 5.99-inch screen of FullHD+ with 2160x1080ppixels and perseverance. And, yes a 4,100mAh battery finalizes the wondered new bundle.

Let us know if you think that these rumors are correct about the upcoming device.