New Phones To be Introduced By The End Of 2017 By HTC!!!


As soon as 2017 started, the HTC official spokesperson alleged the Taiwanese corporation will not launch more than 6 to 7 phones. However, an associate of the HTC group and Twitter user Corn Chen, has now shared the names and certain specs of all the new devices. And, all of these are well-due to launch by the close of 2017 according to him. His Tweet says, that, “We are anticipating the Ocean Master, Ocean Harmony, and Ocean Lite.” If this is not a clear indication for you, then what else could be?
Conferring to Chen, the Ocean Master is going to come with a 6” screen and two cameras. It is also going to have one with 12 MP sensor and additional with 8 MP sensor. We think that most likely the first one is going to be on the back, whereas, the second is going to be the selfie snapper for the new rumored device.
He also added that the Master will have two memory possibilities, a 4 GB RAM + 64 GB storage, and the second is going to come with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB storage for its users.
However, according to him, the Ocean Lite and Ocean Harmony will have merely one variety with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage as of now.  He also quoted that the difference among them is that the Lite will partake a 5.2” screen, while the Harmony will have a 6” panel to let customers choose easily.
Chen also said that the Ocean Master and Ocean Lite are re-counted to be proclaimed in November of 2017, but the Ocean Harmony would finally land in December, just right before Christmas, so you can plan it as a gift for someone special too!
Sadly, not a single phone is the U11 Life that HTC is manufacturing in the Android One program, but again, let’s just wait and see what this corporation has for us to gawk at with close of 2017 approaching less than 3 months.