It’s Dual Camera Boasts Zeiss Lens & OZO Audio With Nokia 8


HMD said that they want to create the ultimate tool to tell their story through Nokia 8. Well, we think this is a perfect description for this dual-view Finnish gadget. A story portraying Carl Zeiss is not something you can miss!

The Nokia 8 flagship has a 5.3” IPS LCD display on the anterior with QHD resolution and anout standing 700nits of maximum brightness. The phone is equipped with a 2.5D Gorilla Glass. There are 5 curves into the phone’s metal shell, which is refined for 6000 series aluminum. The phone courses7.9mm at the thickest position and has basic endurance to the elements with an IP54grading.

At Zeiss, the optical engineers helped in making the lens for both the rear and the front cameras. The focal camera features two 13MP sensors with 1.12µm pixels and an f/2.0 aperture. The color camera has OISwith Laser auto-focus and a dual LED flash.

The selfie camera comes with a 13MP sensor, which is of 1.12µm pixels, with an f/2.0 aperture and time detection auto-focus. You can live stream with split-screen footage. This is termed as Dual-Sight by HMD.

With OZO – Nokia’s camera brancha 360 spatial surround audio is co-developed. The phone is equipped to capture sound quality to match the 4K video metaphors. The binaural audio feature is there too, which is for extreme experience in count. The dominant Snapdragon 835 chipset grips all the essential dispensation.

Google is the partner for HMD to make Google Photos for the default gallery app. This is going to give you unlimited photos and videos storage in the cloud. A microSD card is integrated to boost the 64GB built-in-memory of the Nokia 8.

The phone is predicted to start selling worldwide in September at a cost of €600, with 7.1 Android at launch is something you can’t ignore. We know HMD will be able to log-in some major software updates through this as Android O is still under processing at the moment.