Italy Has Got Google Assistant!


The hot-topic of chatter is Google, and no doubts on its continued success. As of now, back in the starting of the year 2017, the company did make a lot of future announcements. For example, Google did promised that Assistant will acquire more languages, and we can see it is fulfilling its promises. And, as of now Italians can conclusively talk to it.

The native language is making some nice rounds in the country with Google Assistant. However, this is all possible due to the latest update, currently, Assistant can reply all questions and movements with a profound and relaxing Italian voice for the country.
Rendering to the Italian media, the update will touch all Android customers in Italy by November 1, 2017. As of now, Google did mention that the integration of different languages will happen, but, after working with natives and gathering dialog testers.
And, after that the mechanisms train themselves to advance accurateness when wide-open to more samples. Nevertheless, our initial tests did reveal that Google recognizes dialects in cooperation from Northern and Southern Italy area. To let the Assistant to express back, the language must be included as the primary language on the phone for Google to operate easily.
No complaints from our side, as we are super excited to see such changes, these will change and help a lot. Is Google going to change a lot for the Assistant, what do you think?