IPhone 8 design disclosure, is this what Android is up beside Q3 2017?


Though the launch of the new iPhone is weeks away, but a new leak from Evan Blass (@evleaks) has just given us a preview at what it could appear like. Android already had the threat looming over it with the new iPhone launch just sitting nearby, and we must agree that is something to be concerned about.

If we account the rumors, the noise is quite up-beat about the iPhone being bezel-less like the Xiaomi Mi MIX, and Galaxy S8. Although, the most recent Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone is also bezel-less, but still with iPhone, it only takes a minute to get attentive.

Coming back to iPhone 8 leak, Apple is said to be organizing a curved-screen device with-in this year too. Thus, the extract from the rumor portrays what is supposed to be one of the new iPhone gadgets exclusive in a massive case. Its look is comparable to that of Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone, with the screen enfolding around the cameras and speaker at the top of the phone.

However, the phone is visualized in a case, thus it’s quite difficult to get a true idea around the bezel size. The unofficial extract displays it inches above and below the screen. Which, according to us might mean that the bezels may be slimmer than they are on the opponent Galaxy S8. If you see the picture analytically, you might also observe the exclusion of the characteristic iPhone home button too. Well, if we quote that this approach was already utilized by Samsung for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, then it may do fair justice to Apple new design too.

Apples competitors are going to have some sleepless nights here and we are sure about that. The Galaxy Note 8, Huawei Mate 10 and LG V30, and other major Android flagships phones also due to be released before the end of the year – all are quite a competition. Apple has added more striking looks than before, and all the Android phones displaying similar designs are going to just sit and marvel at the new Apple wonder.

The looks of the phone in the leak does display the maximum screen-to-body proportion of the handsets publicized this year, which is not a small venture at all. Essential, LG, or Huawei – can bring in something similar or more diverse, but the Apple stardom is quite huge to damper. With Apple being such a powerful brand, it’s going to be quite laid-back for Apple to wow people with the design of its state-of-the-art iPhone than it is for any other brand out there.

IPhone 8 would truly earn praise for undertaking the maximum screen-to-body proportion to reality, if it actually did do that. There is going to be a huge buzz around Apple unveiling and we can easily count on it. And, why wouldn’t it be there? People used to buy iPhones even when their look continued to be untouched for two years, and with this new look – public is just going go berserk.

With that said, we wouldn’t be surprised if the iPhone 8 didn’t smash the race. Let us know what you think of the upcoming iPhone.