IPhone 8 and 8 Plus Shipping estimates extends with massive pre-orders

IPhone 8 and 8 Plus shipping estimates extends with massive pre-orders

The initial wave of apple has kick-started with IPhone 8 and 8+ with pre-orders just today. The initial stock is already stooping down, and for obvious reasons.

Around 29 countries have their buyers eagerly placing orders between the dates of 22 and 25 September for shipment of the phones. However, as the demand has increased, the shipment is falling between 1 to 2 weeks of delay.
Again, the whole game is of the market. For example 22 to 25 September dates for shipment is seen by the Italian market. 64GB model can be availed by the UK buyers, and arrival is due by 22nd of September, same is with US customers too, as they will also get faster shipment of the models.

The major factor is the shipment date based on the model, and its capacity. Next will be the country as stock is bound to reduce based on increased demand. But, the plus point is that regional site for Apple will be able to forecast each regions shipment estimation, and how long will it be for the order to be received. Though, we have noticed that the Apple Watch Series 3 is on an estimation of 2 to 3 weeks for shipment deliverance.