Huawei Nova 3 May Come-Out In December?


One more of Huawei’s mobiles, and this time it is Nova, is around the corner. This phone belongs to the well-established line of quality and, yes, mid-rangers too. It is somewhat looked forward to phone by customers also.
However, it is supposedly built on top-mark of the Huawei Honor 7X line. Although, yes with a fresh chipset and enhanced cameras.
All over, the Huawei nova 3 is said to have a 5.93” screen with 1080p+ resolution, in simple it will be 18:9. Though, sadly, it is identical to its Honor sibling also.
With all that said, the chipset is expected to be the obscured Kirin 670. Which is an upgrade around the older version of 659 chip. The later was used in the Honor 6X and the 7X too.
If you were wondering, then let us tell you, that this new Kirin 670 is going to arrive with a hexa-core CPU.
Now, that is better than an octa-core, and solider too. Yes, this one will feasibly be with a pair of powerful cores, which are better than the previous.
The new GPU will be founded on the newest Mali-G72 architecture, and style. And, in the new nova mobile the chipset will be able to hold up-to 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, for better accommodation of data.
A vital feature of the Huawei nova 3 is going to be its twin-dual cameras. The idea is with two on the front, and two on the back of the phone.
Now, again, the better news is that the back camera is going to come with a combo of 16MP + 20MP. Both of these will have color + B&W along.
Those of you, who love selfie, will have a selfie cam, which is likely to be a 20MP + 2MP combo as well.
Nevertheless, some ultimate update around the phone is that it will supposedly be exposed in December. The price is going to be around €350 and something.
It will have a better-sized 3,340mAh battery also. Though, it will come with the olden micro USB 2.0 and 3.5mm earphone jack.
Now, which one of you is excited in getting their hands on this phone first? Stay tuned for our review to decide on buying the new phone.