Grab Moto X4 for $249 Now


The Moto X4 for is now available at a much-discounted price. As of now, Project Fi is selling it for $249.00. That’s a noteworthy $150 drop of its normal marketing price. As expected, the deal comes with a condition for a new plan initiation, but that’s a habitual example.

Just so you know, the Moto X4 bags a 5.2-inch Full HD display in a modish glass and aluminum frame. Then, there is the Snapdragon 630, which is famous for good set-up and competence. Next comes the ultra-wide one of the two cameras is of awesome quality.

The news was proudly tweeted by Google’s virtual operator. Featured as Android One device, the Moto X4 by Project Fi is definite to get well-timed updates.

Though, we weren’t too excited about Moto X4 when we had it for review, but the discount is bound to rise some sales for this phone. Are you a Moto fan, and what do you think about this discounted offer?