Google Home Available For Just $84 at Lowe’s


With reports specifying that Amazon will launch a second-generation Echo speaker this year with more or less improvements, Google has started working-out. Despite the fact that Google Home just reached in countries like Canada, France, and Australia it’s been open in the US for nearly a year now. Thus, Google and other stores have dropped its price to $109 from the previous $129.Pleasingly, if that $20 reduction wasn’t a big incentive for you to purchase Google’s all-powered speaker, then we have a new deal in our bag.

You can get your hands on Google’s smart speaker for just $84, instead of $109. This offer is open with a discount coupon from Lowe’s. With a special discount coupon from Lowe’s, you can get your hands on Google’s smart speaker for just $84, down from $109.Yes, that’s $45 lesser than the original charge!

You just visit Lowe’s website and use the code 470000000074228 when you check-out. This is a store-inclusive concession code for $25 off any buying over $100. Even though it’s not clear when this deal will perish, if you’re thoughtful of getting one, you should maybe do it soon. Nevertheless, this is an all-time small for Google Home, and such deals may not be out soon in near-future.

We do see that Google does seems to be doing all it can to make the most of its market share in the ever-growing smart home arcade. It is also quickly expanding into other counties, but then again Google is expected to add new features like free calling in specified markets of certain regions. With that said, it’s great to see such developments all-around us.