Google Contacts 2.0 released on Android with new UI, lots of tweaks

Google Contacts 2.0 released

The last and the major update of Google’s Contacts app received dates from the previous year, but with the upcoming release of Android O, the Mountain View company was of the opinion that it’s time to refresh the Android app and give it a unique look.

The new and latest Contacts 2.0 has been released in the past in the Google Play, but still, there is a need to publish an official changelog. The best thing is that the new changes included in the update are clear and obvious to the users of this app.

Contacts 2.0 is all about design, as this app received multiple design enhancements and minor UI tweaks, which should make it convenient and user-friendly. Not only this, the slide-out menu includes a toggle that gives you the choice to switch between accounts.

The toggle also enables the users to select the contacts, that they want to be displayed in the app. Some alteration to the contact icons has been made, They’re now smaller to allow a lot of information to be shown on the screen.

A new and exciting “Move” item is now available for those users who just want to move their contacts to another Google account. There’s also a new option for the users, that allow choosing which accounts to use when exporting contacts.

As expected so far, Google has made it, so that Contacts 2.0 supports Android O’s notifications channels. We’ll probably gather more information on this specific channel once the new version of Android is detailed at Google I/O.