Finally, the shipment of The Light L16 camera starts!


It’s not rare for smartphones to have a duos of cameras on their rears, in an integer of diver rearrangements. However, the Light L16 camera is actually 16 cameras with diverse sensors and lenses in one phablet-bulk body. Though, beware as there is no actual smartphone inside. Obviously, with the fitting algorithms that let it extract up to 52MP images while similarly proposing 5x zoom and complexity-of-arena command.

The broadcast now, conversely, is that the merchandise that’s been 4 years in the manufacture has these days started shipping to customers. These are mainly for those who pre-ordered roughly 18 months before the availability. The establishment in the wake of the Light L16 has publicized in a blog post that the camera is at last completely equipped and it’s on track to sending out components to the persistent initial customers.

On the other hand, this means you can order one today, you’d be thwarted to read that the Light L16 will be obtainable for acquisition around the end of 2017.