European Markets Ringing With Google Wi-Fi!

European Markets Ringing With Google Wi-Fi!

Recently, Google is taking over each piece of technology, with either something very new or something very different. For now, it has extended the accessibility of its Wi-Fi net router and that too within the European realm.
The brand-new device is now offered in 5 new European trading floor, namely:
And, with this, there a total of 12 countries, where the router is being made available for public. Nevertheless, in case you are worried for pricing in the newly- combined markets, then there is nothing to worry about. That’s because the router is going to range in-between €139 to €155.
Ah! Yes the whole pricing is solely going to depend upon the nation/ country you buy it from too. Obviously, the Mountain View, California-founded company is proposing deals if you go for three-packet router purchase. So, yes, you may want to consider your options and maybe discuss as well.
But in case of a dire need for the router is firm, then you also visit the country-specific Google Store websites for more details. But, our bet is that only certain specific companies will be offering pack-deals. So, are you buying a single device or going to look-out for deals with three to four devices?