Essentials PH-1 Accessories Are On Its website Now!

Essentials PH-1 Accessories Are On Its website Now!

We know that Essentials sales were not as popular as other companies. Their sales weren’t in millions, but their phones series sold a lot in the middle of last month. Their phones got really good reviews and so do their quality and features.

As their phones were a big hit, so now they are offering accessories on their website too. Thus, you don’t have to go to different stores to find one. And, most of them in other shops are just a copy.

Original essential mobile accessories are as follows, The Company is now selling:

• Two types of earbuds.
• USB-C to 3.5 mm adapter.
• A fast charger.
• Hard case for the 360 camera.
• They are offering two types of earphones as well.

Earphones Mini looks just like the other one but they differ in cost. Earphones mini is for $49.00 only. It contains 5 mm driver, and the earbuds have a USB-C connector and come in hard shell case.

Earphones HD is expensive and is going to cost you $99.00. And, this option has 9.2 mm driver for booming sound. So, you will get something better with more money spent!

And not just the earphones you have many more options just like the adapters and the chargers. Talking about the adapters they are offering USB-c to the adapter at just an affordable price of $15 which is also available in Black and White.

The 27W power adapter comes in the same two color version in just $39. And furthermore, Essential is soon (expected next week) going to sell a hard case for 360 camera which will be sold in Black or Red and the price is not confirmed yet. So, let us know what you are about to buy.