Did LG V20 Drop To $302.52 – is That True?


Well, yes that’s correct what you did just read. But, yesterday we at last, did find out when to presume the LG V30 to touch the US region. Well, this is after its declaration at IFA at the conclusion of August. The Korean corporation’s fresh smartphone will be offered at Verizon from October 5 now. And, if you are an AT&T user, then its opening is on October 6. Whereas, with T-Mobile, you can get it on October 13.

Thus with its replacement’s take-off that near, it’s no shock indeed, that last year’s V20 has now fallen to a low price. You can take an unlocked V20 from Walmart for merely $302.52 now. It is attuned with GSM-centered networks, such as AT&T and T-Mobile, in addition to others via their networks too. However, there is no support for Sprint or Verizon, still.

Therefore, at various instants in the previous few months, the LG V20 reached for $400, $393, $355, plus twice for $350. Now a day sit has almost touched the $300 spot, we’re speculating if it’s imaginable for its price to descent even lesser in the upcoming months. In spite of this reduction, a first-hand V20 for $302.52 is still an incredible deal – isn’t it? What do you think of this spectacular drop-down in price?