Developers Get New iOS 11 beta 6 By Apple


The sixth beta of iOS 11 has started seeding out to developers by Apple. It’s a new update with a small number of changes so far and is only available for compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch gadgets as of now.Obviously, the typical bug fixes and performance increases are a part of it. The most direct and visible change is the modification of the novel pencil-brush-ruler icon within a circle for iOS 11. It’s removed now, along with a few alterations. Apple has added three plain lines in its place. You may call it as the biggest change as of now for the App Store icon. Since its release, this is the first time it got modified, and the new Apple Campus area is shown on the Map icon.

Additional alterations consist of the six fish live wallpapers being detached. You also get new splash page for Photos, gallant Clock icon numbers. There is also a fresh solid blue AirPlay icon all through playback and a new animation for connected AirPods in the new update.

The display is also modified by the removal of the auto brightness option. It is now on by default permanently. Accessibility settings will be your next call if you want to adjust the brightness manually. Our impression is that this feature might be added due to the OLED displays on the new iPhone, as the Apple Watch is also with an OLED display and it has also got the auto brightness on constantly.