Deep-sea Blue Color Samsung Galaxy Note8 Launching In The U.S.

Deep-sea Blue Color Samsung Galaxy Note8 Launching In The U.S.

Recently, the deep-sea blue color variant of Samsung Galaxy Note8, got launched in Germany for sale. And, now the same color, yes you did read that correct, is going to be on sale in the U.S.
The Deep-sea Blue color version in the Samsung Galaxy Note8 will be on sale from November 16. Rendering to the news, latest by Thursday next week you can see it and yeah buy it too.

It is going to join the club of already available Midnight Black and Orchid Gray. Further, it is going to become the third shade you can choose from if you like something different.

Itis reported that it will be sold exclusively on and Best Buy for now. And, the sale is going to be on both, the online platform, and in their stores, respectively.

However, the good news is, that both opportunities will let you pick up an unlocked phone or a carrier-explicitkind for AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. So, if you are on any of these networks, you got to hurry!

At present, the Galaxy Note8 on the record sells for $950, and that is the unlocked version. And, though you can get up to a $300 concession if you trade in hand-picked devices, like the Galaxy S7 or Note5. Additional offer is that you can pick up a free DeX station or Gear VR along too.
Obviously, you can go as low-slung as $800 with no trade-ins if you shop all over the place. But, for now, all the Android lovers can start watching both the said stores. Let us know which color you selected in this gorgeous line?