Check out SNL’s hilarious ad for the Amazon Echo “Silver”; it’s the smart speaker for the elderly


Are you planning to buy a smart speaker for your parents or grandparents? Then, buying a smart speaker like the Amazon Echo is not the wrong decision.

Named by the Amazon Echo “Silver,” this artificial product is said to have been co-developed with AARP and it is purely made for the senior generation. As we all know that old generation mostly has the memory issues, so it is specially designed to respond to any type of name that sort of sound like Alexa, including “Excedrin.”

The ad formulates and features a running gag about users’ hearing problems, but there are a number of funny bits including the part where an Echo Silver user asks the device how well Satchel Paige pitched the previous night.

The device, no doubt, surely responds that Paige, who pitched in the major leagues at the age of 59, died in 1982. And the speaker is responsible for controlling the smart devices around the home. When any of your grandparent or elderly woman (cold under a heavy blanket) asks “Alexandra” to raise the thermostat, the speaker device responds in a humble manner with a statement that it is already 100 degrees.

There are thousands of companies out there that might have been upset or surprised to see one of their products become the subject of such a satire. But to its credit, Amazon smiled and laughed along with everyone else. Recently company made a tweet that read “As seen on SNL: An Echo designed for the greatest generation that will answer to any name close to Alexa.” Good work SNL, and we are happy to see Amazon not take itself so seriously as other tech companies might have.