Blue Is The New Color With Moto G5S Now!


At last, and after a lot of wait, Motorola has launched a new variant of the freshly introduced G5S in India as well.

And it’s calledmerelyBlue only. That’s as far as the name is concerned guys! Thefreshgadget features a shade of deep stylish blue color with the pretty, sturdy, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish of an aluminum rear in addition.

The visible look of the phone is of dark-black color, merely just like the Lunar Gray archetypal. It is no like the Fine Gold perfect model that also features an identical good overlook.

This new phone is formally equal to the other color alternatives available currently in the market. However, Motorola also proclaimed a price drop on the G5S in the course of the festive period in India.  That will be in-between October 14 to October 21 of 2017.  The best part is that customers can choose the gadget only for INR 12,999, which is only for USD $199.00. This is a big-drop, as the usual price was ranging from INR 14,999. Which is USD $229.00, and we agree, the price drop is a big boost for sales.

So are you purchasing this new BLUE  device today?