Bezel-less Design Renders Emerge For Nokia 9


The new renders have recently emerged for the Nokia 9. And, these made us a bit surprised, as these renders show a modish bezel-less design for the new gadget.  With these we deduced that the fingerprint reader exits the front for a comfortable place right underneath the dual Zeiss camera on the rear of the phone. It does look good and balanced, quite low and easy, plus within the range.
Precisely on the forward-facing is a supposed AMOLED display with a curled glass for the display to look trendy. And, if you thought that the back glass is going to be simple, then think again as these clips do show that the back glass is also curvy. The claims from GFXBench also say that the screen is 5.3 measurement. Which, of course is similar to the Nokia 8 flagship.
Though, with recent hints from the company delegates also quote that the Nokia9 will have a grander screen than the previous gadgets. We think it might top at 5.5” exactly, but as nothing is official yet so you will need to read next news in-line, where we can surely quote the size. The other good news is that the Nokia9 is probably waterproof (IP68), unlike the present-day Nokia 8 series, so think about going easy on water splashes!
The Snapdragon 835 is the supposed chipset for this new Nokia venture, and an 845 is an aloof likelihood in store too! With all that being said, we think that the camera could function the IMX 258 sensor once more.  But, nothing to worry as it comes in both of the RGB and monochrome versions too. Further this technology was previously employed in the Nokia 8 flagship as well.
Giving to rumor, the Nokia 9 is going to cost us €750 exactly. And yes the display date is yet to be announced by the company, so you may want to start saving up if you are a crazy Nokia fan!