Apple – iOS 11.0.1 Updates Released!


Well, this is something that we term as very good organization. Only a week after announcement, iOS 11 is receiving a trivial point update in the shape of iOS 11.0.1. This new update is around 280MB in mass and is now offered to all well-proportioned iPhone, iPad, and in addition to iPod touch prototypes.
Transpiring as a headland update, this will merely and categorically consist of bug fixes, safekeeping patches, and slight performance enhancements. Though, this all hail to the original release, founded on the feedback we have.
However, Apple’s update record also says the same thing. There is no added info on what precisely has been affixed or amended.
Nevertheless, if you are in a row with iOS 11 or haven’t updated till now, then, this would be a worthy stint to update your Apple devices.