Alcatel Idol 5s


The Alcatel Idol 5s is on show, and we must say its big time. Let’s just not only go through the general specs, but first see some showcases in it. A few pros and cons do much, you know!


Fabulous design for its cost
Dominant front-firing speakers
Low-slung starting cost
Fingerprint sensor


Specs are reduced
Glass construction is slippery
Slow GPU performance

The Idol 5s is an elegant phone in-looks with a convincing price theme. However, it does let you downhearted because of the downgraded specs.

The History At Glance!

The phone, at present is for $280.00, which is indeed a cheesy price. But, if we look at the last year’s Alcatel Idol 4S, we do see it as a huge shift for the company. Not in one, but in several ways. They tried fashioning a more premium intended smartphone deprived of the finest cost.

For its descendant, on the other hand, you might be surprised and annoyed. Well, if you want, do both at the same time. There is a new strategy on the fresh model by the company. Subsequently, the phone features specs that possibly will be measured below its forerunner. Whereas, there’s a significant concession with the handset for those ready to bear-down the specs at a reduced form.

Design & Shape

Alcatel doesn’t modify a whole lot with the Idol 5S’ design and shape. It’s a premium phone with premium qualities. That’s a good entity, as it’s attractively fashioned from 2.5D glass, crammed simultaneously by an aluminum mount. Genuinely, it looks precisely like its predecessor, which isn’t a ruthless thing in the least. That’s because you get the first-class look and texture. However, you’ll want to be particularly careful while using it. That’s for the reason that the glass bond surface doesn’t weave well with hold. And believe us, the glass structure combined with its oleo phobic form makes it extremely slippery.

Display & Call Quality

Its earpiece transports firm power that makes it easily distinguishable to listen to callers in noisy circumstances. Swapping over to the speakerphone also gives the same outcome. However, the display is of a 5.2-inch 1080p IPS demonstration. The company shrunk the screen size by a sheer 0.3-inches, but the resolution also has been ascended back when associated to its QHD ancestor. You get a pixel density of 424 ppi, and it produces nice colors, which can be modified in the settings. You can easily switch to colder or warmer tone.

It’s VR-ready like its ancestor because of that lessening in resolution. Though, sadly, it is not as much in detail, as those pixels aren’t firmly packed together. You can see that while you stare at the screen. However, you do get a VR experience despite the shortcomings!

Performance & Battery

You get a bit disappointed here! As the Idol 5S is supplemented with an inferior sized 2,620 mAh battery. In our know-how it’s able to last only for a day. Those of you who love gaming will have to recharge the phone normally. It’s not that terrible, but just keep an extra charger with you always. No fast charging offered, what a bummer!

For performance, you get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chip complemented with 3 GB of RAM and the Adreno 506 GPU. In terms to performance issues, heavy gaming is a big NO – NO!! Clearly, this chipset isn’t meant for that kind of heavy playing.

Though it’s VR-proficient, don’t get your expectations too high! The pressure involved by the power of VR, sources much of the performance to weaken. Well, of course, that’s something that really sidetracks from the wide-ranging VR competency. Alcatel, maybe you need to look this for us!

Hardware & Software

Alcatel Idol 5s rises with a substantial 32 GB of internal storage. You can easily increase it if you want through microSD card. The phone features a fingerprint sensor at the back despite being budget oriented. The other specs that are included, count – USB Type-C, dual 3.6-watt and front-firing speakers, in addition to a 3.5 mm headset jack. The dual front-facing speakers complement the video viewing experience as the audio is tossed near you. Their quality is also quite perfect. Easily the echoing low tones and high-pitched voice is set with brilliant consistency. This, does show that Alcatel took the sound-quality critically.

Focusing at software, traditionalists will like the fact that the Alcatel Idol 5s is in string with Android 7.1 Nougat. You get ta discounted phone completely aided with ads from Amazon, if you go with the Amazon Prime Exclusive version of the handset. The phone is short for any customizations or bloatware, we already checked that too.

Camera & Selfie-Shooter Experience

You collect a 12 MP rear camera, which is smooth with the adjacent shell. It’s nothing like its predecessor, but it does snap pleasant photos with-in ideal situations. Sharpness and vibrant colors in the shots are in reasonable amount. The camera is proficient at controlling instructions. You can easily shoot up-to 1080p resolution video. The rear camera struggles a lot with animated shoot and video making, but again that was expected with being 12 MP.

With selfie-shooter, the front-facing 8 MP camera provides a fully clad stability, despite the fact of the subdued tone of its color mockup. We agree that the camera is not your go-to camera because of its low light performance. A few people will like the functioning of 5s camera, but lighting will refrain them from getting that all-too-perfect photos and videos!

Winding up

Just remember, that the Alcatel Idol 5s is valued in a different way, subject to the model you choose. The unlocked, customary version is compatible with AT&T & T-Mobile. And, if you want to go with Sprint and Verizon compatibility, then you will have to wait till later this summer for the availability. The price range will be of $279.99. Though, we are deeply saddened by the specs fall, but the $280 price-tag is a catcher for many. However, the $199.99 tag from Amazon Prime Exclusive version is also a welcome-call for a lot of people. But again, the ads are there to dampen our feelings at least, with such premium design. Nevertheless, at a standstill, it would’ve been even valuable if the company didn’t cut-down the specs. With this margin of price and premium look, Alcatel Idol 5s is a stunning phone to hold on to.