70M shipments – Xiaomi Sets New Records!!

70M shipments - Xiaomi Sets New Records!!

As of now, the stats clearly show that Xiaomi has by now reached 10 million shipments. And, these are only for the month of October figure estimation.
One more confirmation sprang from Donovan Sung, who held a press conference in Beijing recently.
There it was confirmed that Xiaomi is about to overcome its 71 million shipments top score from the year 2015.
During the conference, and up on the row of journalists, at a new Mi Home store launch this was revealed. And, none other than the Xiaomi CEO himself. He said that 70 million shipments were grasped in the initial 10 months of 2017 alone. And, later added that, with November and December, still to go about, the hopes are high.
Rendering to his confirmation, the Chinese company is certain for a new record, particularly with the 11/11 sale approaching next week.
The hopes are to be able to ship at least 90 million phones, as formerly specified by the spokes persons. Now, we are happy on this agenda.
The Chinese brand is also forecasting for its 2018 objectives. And, by the looks of it, they have already set some in-motion. The corporation wants to extent 100 million shipments and to link with the elite Fortune 500 list as well. Now this is what we call a high-rise goal expectations, have you planned any for the next year?