$48 Deal – ZTE Quartz smartwatch with Android Wear 2.0

ZTE Quartz smartwatch

Back in April, ZTE launched the Quartz with $199.00 as cost at T-Mobile. This by the way is its first Android Wear smartwatch. And, if you wanted to go with buying all EIP (equipment installment plan) the cost was at $192.00. If you look at it, then these aren’t too bad as a price. What with getting the state-of-the-art Android Wear 2.0 as the new hype.

Nevertheless, now, T-Mobile is offering you a new and catchy deal. You can have the ZTE Quartz all for yourself at just $48.00 price, which is again pretty amazing tag – isn’t it? However, we agree there is a catch involved with this super amazing deal.

You can save $150.00 with deal, and the catch is to go with EIP with the company. You get to pay nothing upfront in the equipment installment plan. Thus, you shell-out $0 down then the $8.00 per month for a period of 24 months. The wearable is going to have a $2.00 installment amount per month, with nothing up front.

The other catch in this deal is that it’s a limited time offer, so maybe if you want to grab it then you need to act quickly! The reduction in price is in the form of bill credits, thus if you cancel the wireless services you will need to pay the full gadget balance. Which of course is calculated from the $192.00 price. Let us know if this deal is flashy or catchy, and if you are going to get a new wearable with Android 2.0?