157 New Emoji Are Heading Your Phones Very Soon!

157 New Emoji Are Heading Your Phones Very Soon!

Emoji has been quite a favorite of many people. Most of the youngsters love to share emotions, responses, like or dislikes via an emoji. So, it was but natural that we would get some makers make more of these super-liked emoji’s.
The finalization of Unicode Emoji 11 has recently been announced by the Unicode Consortium. The officials have confirmed that the latest update to the emoji series that supersedes Emoji 5 is going to come with some awesome 157 new emoji’s. Though, we aren’t sure if Emoji 6 to 10 series will air soon or are a total drop-out on the plan. However, these new 157 emoji’s will be quite astonishing with A huge bunch being ethnic and gendered variants of present emoji’s.
Even though the Unicode set only stretches the portrayal and we will have to wait till enterprises like Twitter, Apple, Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc. release their versions of it. As of now, the individuals at Emojipedia have surfaced with their specific designs that follow the over-all design dialectal of the Apple emoji collection.
Most probably, in the next upcoming version of iOS and Android will be holding this new edition, and for sure by the end of the year, you’ll see them in your mobiles. So, tell us, how big a fan of emoji are you?