ZeroLemon’s new 5500mAh battery casing is a fit for Galaxy Note8


The only big concern for fans and critics is the battery life of the Samsung’s Galaxy Note8. Though, in our review, we did find that the Exynos-powered phone lovers its 3,300 mAh battery astonishingly jestingly. And, the Snapdragon 835 model can still use some extra boost with some additional help. Furthermore, we strongly believe that having a battery with extra power is a grand thing, don’t you agree to this?

Nonetheless, it’s up to you, if you can pay easily for the handiness in pocket size, battery packs are a rock-hard deal, plus ZeroLemon stances out as an individual leader in this case.

The corporation just revealed its 5500 mAh battery for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 for its customers. It comes along with the talent of around 48 hours of talk-time, 16 hours of audiovisual, and 74 hours of music streaming online. Obviously, those statistics are moral individual and your extent may differ. Though, what you can certainly sum-up is one jam-packed recharge of your Note8’s wrapped in battery from the additional pack in the casing. Possibly, a little additional.

Particularly, what caught our interest is that, the new ZeroLemon SlimPower case seems to be slightly re-designed, equated to the corporation’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ deals. The topmost and lowest bezels are strikingly reduced, which is grand, as the last thing Samsung’s new more-tall 18.5:9 gadgets want is an upright addition. Similarly, the fingerprint stencil is a bit fine too.

At present, you can get the case on amazon at $39.99, which is actually half-off its fixed price as per the retailer. We can’t actually check if the reduction is actual, but if you are attracted in a drawn-out battery case then, this is a great chance to get one for your Note8. The case is going to be available in-stocks and shipping within a few days though. But yes, you will definitely get the worthy ZeroLemon customer service, as well as, a full year warranty, lifetime customer care and a professed 100% zero flaw proportion. So, are you planning to order one for your Note8?