USB-PD up to 27W In The new Pixel 2 Phones!


Once again, Google is out to show us its love. Yes, the software engineer Benson Leung, of Google – has some worthy update around the new Pixel 2 and 2 XL pones. Well, yes, as they support up to 27W charging!

Though, you will need to purchase a compatible USB Power Delivery charger for this purpose. These new phones are shipped with a 18W charger each. And, the promise is of 7 hours of mixed usage with just 15 minutes of charge only. Well! That’s wow – isn’t it?

Just imagine the things that you can do with this 27W charger! If you acquire the new Pixel book, it drives through a 45W charger that is well-matched, but, yes with a lower power level, though.

However, Google is selling this charger individually for $60 only, although you can test Leung’s list for other suitable chargers too.

Seemingly, ever since v8.0 Oreo, Android is consuming the Type-C Port Manager of the Linux kernel allover. It appears that this feature will boost Alternate Mode, which will be impressive for catering video-out despite the charging ongoing.

So what do you think about this new feature with Pixels? Are you buying a new charger for $60.00?