The New Huawei Mate 10 Pro with a bezel-less screen Is soon going to be out!

huawei mate 10

On October 16, at an event at Munich, Huawei is going to publicize the new Mate 10. The teaser-video is already making rounds for the new smartphones, and we agree people are excited. The Chinese company is rumored to have some fresh features added to the phone, like powered by the yet-to-be announced Kirin 970 chipset. We have also heard that it could be having an EntireView Display, thus indicating a near-bezel-less view for its customers.

For the design not being upgraded news for the Mate 10, we are still not sure, as the CEO practically did confirm it already, not being altered/modified. With the release coming near, the rumors are again springing back-to-life. For your eyes only, there is a new rumor out of China at the moment. Which is claiming that only the Huawei Mate 10 Pro will be decorated with the bezel-slaying panel, whereas the vanilla Mate 10 will go with an additional old-fashioned screen structure. This is going to be something close to its forerunner, the Mate 9, and we are still on the confirmation mode.

We also considered that this move wouldn’t be very shocking, as that there was a Mate 9 Pro out last year together with the Mate 9. In any case, the source go about the Mate 10 Pro, and that it will have its fingerprint sensor on the rear. This news does make sense as the phone will probably not have much space on the tiny front bezel to hold anything.

Nevertheless, the same report also says that the Mate 10 will be having it below the display. Which will be the similar-design trend that was also observed in the P10 line. As a final point, we’re told to assume a gold version of the Mate 10 series phones on the view sooner. We are yet to decide if we should be excited or not, but our fingers are crossed!