The August Security Patch Update AT&T’s Galaxy S8 and S8+


Just like the T-mobiles and Verizon’s version, now we see that the AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have also started to receive the new software updates. This is good as it will enable Daydream VR functionality on the phones. Customers will also get the August security patches, making the S8 duo on AT&T up-to-dateas the viewpoint.

Well, if you thought that was all, we have still a surprise in our sleeves, as the phones will be getting everything updated, for example:

  • Smart help
  • Network performance enhancements
  • Wireless Priority Service
  • UX updates
  • Navigation bar auto-hiding
  • Updates for Email
  • Calendar update
  • Knox update
  • Advanced Messaging update

These are going to along with the usual “stability updates” and “numerous other updates and fixes”, though, sadly the updates aren’t named as usual. For both devices it’s going to be a 490MB update size. As soon as you update, you will be on NRD90M. G95xUSQU1AQGL build. You can switch the lowercase “x” with “0” if you are using the S8, and “5” if you are a S8+ user. The full roll-out will conclude in a few days, as it’s a norm with these things, along with being a tradition too!

Let us know if you are excited to go about the new update and features?