SingTel Gets The Razer Phone First!


Right after reaching US, UK, and a small number of other western markets, now the Razer Phone is available in Asia too. And, Singapore market is the first to get its hands on it. All the Pre-orders for the mobile are now active. They are done through SingTel, with the window ending on November 26, 2017. Therefore, if it’s what you were waiting for, then you better hurry.
After this news, Razer’s CEO made a statement, saying that, “while we founded Razer in California, US, I’m a Singaporean still and I’m very thrilled to make Singapore the first country in Asia to release the Razer Phone.”
Thus, we came to know how Singapore became the first country for the take-off. Nevertheless, the initial 200 pre-orders will get free Razer Hammerhead Bluetooth headset also. The gadget is worth $169 in the international market.
But, no matter what, we have no clarity, on just how soon the pre-orders will start shipping. On the record, Razer will start selling the mobile in the country from December 1st and will continue further.
The mobile is going to cost you SGD 1,068, which in USD, will be of $790 only. Obviously, you can pay less, but only if you purchase the mobile on a plan here.
Let us know if this got your eyes, and we will have you posted with our details on the shipments as well.