Samsung’s All Set To Use Metal 12 Magnesium Alloy On Every Gadget And Appliance

Samsung's All Set To Use Metal 12 Magnesium Alloy On Every Gadget And Appliance

Yes, that’s true, and soon it will be coming to phones and watches, along with home appliances too.

Recently, the news about Samsung Notebook 9 (2018) is launched with a new material labeled as Metal 12 made rounds in all sectors. A logo trooping at EUIPO proposes that this magnesium alloy will be used for all appliances in the upcoming months or so.

However, the new Notebook 9 assesses 1kg (2.2lbs), which places this 13.3” laptop in the very lightweight classification. Most of this weight is based on the Metal 12 alloy. Which again is surprisingly unique and yes, more liked type too. Nevertheless, Samsung designates the alloy as “extremely light, yet extraordinarily strong”. Well, if that’s the case we can see a high surge in it being more famous.

Quite sometime before, it was rumored that the Galaxy S7 will have a magnesium alloy structure, but those buzzes did not make the actual opening. And, a more old-style aluminum structure was cast-off for the phone.

Now, here too, the company hasn’t said much about anything on this new alloy or its more extraordinary features. They also haven’t quoted on how Metal 12 associates to aluminum 7000 exercised in concluding phones, which also involves the Note8 series.

Those of you, who don’t know, magnesium has an atomic number 12, hence the term of the alloy is specified within the news. But, that said, if this is indeed going to be used in all appliances, then we are all on a run for our money. What do you think?