Pixel 2 XL Screen Issues!

Pixel 2 XL Screen Issues!

It’s the bright flash, on the screen of the handset, and that too while locking or unlocking the phone is causing the stir.

The Google Pixel 2 XL is over whelmed with a lot of problems. And, most of these are related to its screen. Currently, a new issue has surfaced – a lot of users report that the screen flashes with a bright light. And all of them saw it while they were locking or unlocking the mobile.

We think, that the issue appears to be linked to the ambient display of Google Pixel 2 XL. Roundabout, many users say to have found that inactivating this feature stops the problem. A lot of others say, that it also happens while they are toggling it off and then on. And, it is a short-term solution to inactivate it.

This could also be a software issue, so it could be secured with anupcoming update. However, the smaller Pixel 2 is unaffected of this issue. Which is great, but people are still concerned.

Lately, the Pixel 2 XL screen has had black smudges and burn marks on it. Google did correct it by reducing the max brightness and fading of the navigation keys though.

But, now the display is not the only disturbed section on the mobile, and with the looks of it, this might bring a class action litigation for Google.

It’s high-time for company to take some serious action to avoid any such issues. What do you think, will it dampen the spirits of all the Google fans out there? Or, will Google overcome this flaw?

  • urim225

    This also happens on my Nexus 6p and its software related. Dont spread fals news