OZO VR Is Closed By Nokia


Well what can we say here, as Nokia has recently decided to let go of the mobile and cell phone segment. And, go for with Withings for now. Here, Nokia also had the OZO VR 360-degree camera section as well, however, that is now abandoned due to sluggish-than-anticipated progress of the market for it. The corporation has publicized its moving with further development. Well, for now it’s just focusing from VR to digital well-being and rising trademark and technology sanctioning. Nonetheless, we don’t disagree, that yes, it’s a grand gesture by Nokia.
Nokia is all set to plan and invest in the health system as of now. There are further plans to decrease funds and halt the expansion of additional varieties of the OZO VR camera and hardware stuff. This will disturb the workers, primarily from UK, Finland, and the US.
But, regardless of all, we know and agree here with Nokia, as the VR market surely is not such a game-changer for the corporation, as it might have implied to it before any starting events. The stopping of further development is also based on the lack of interest concerning their device as well. But we do think that, the less enthusiasm is also based on the price tag of $45,000 rather than anything else.
Still, Nokia may turn tables with the digital heath system of its. What do you think?