Only $890 For Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy Note8!


Even though Samsung has officially got to release the dual-SIM variant of its Galaxy Note8 smartphone. And this is also within the US, so those of you who are interested in buying the prototype aren’t entirely unlucky. Well, we don’t mean any bad or good luck signs here for the mobile, but, we are excited at what you are about to see for yourself.
This is open by an eBay retailer, who is selling the unlocked, dual-SIM model only for $889.99, and that’s not all of it yet. As, this deal is going to get you a unit, which is Exynos 8895-powered also. The denotation deal is the international model, and thus you get to be lucky. Why do we say this? Because, the US models are Snapdragon-powered only as of now. Similarly, the phone is well-matched with GSM setups only. You get the color options in gold and gray in the availability, as the black and blue are out of stock though. So let us know if this made you excited? Are you going to get this deal?